This small village is barely a stopping point for caravans traveling the only road that leads through the village square. A well at the center, a smithy, tavern, worship hall, and the village green are the only real structures to speak of. Down the road is the grain mill, with its enormous water wheel, and the ford for which the village gets its name.

The Juris River flows from the Amber Hills in the north, cutting through Southern Forest before reaching Millsford. From there it flows south to the cliffs and Sorrow’s Fall. To the east, over the ford and two days journey by road, is the fishing village of Abels Bluff. To the northwest along the road is the town of Portsmouth.

Most traffic is from the local farmers visiting the square, or taking grain to the mill, or herdsman grazing their animals on the green. Lately there has been unrest, as things have started to go missing. Small things at first, but now sheep are gone, and winter stocks of food. Something will need to be done to stop this, or the village will be hard pressed to feed everyone well during the winter.

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