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  • Zevin

    The late smith of [[Millford | Millford]]. Husband to [[:prudence | Prudence]]. Father to [[:epeley | Epeley]], [[:yona | Yona]], [[:osel | Osel]], and [[:lisel | Lisel]]. Died two years ago under mysterious circumstances. Was succeeded in the …

  • Prudence

    Homemaker for the Smith family. Died giving birth to their youngest daughter, [[:lisel | Lisel]]. Married to [[:zevin | Zevin]], the late smith of [[Millford | Millford]].

  • Epeley

    The eldest daughter of the Smith Family, 19 years old. She has taken on the mantle of responsibility since the death of her father. While her uncle runs the day to day operations of the smithy, she is not unfamiliar with the heat and the hammer. She is …

  • Yona

    Second oldest daughter of [[:prudence | Prudence]] and [[:zevin | Zevin]], 17 years old. The conciliator of the family, she is a lovable goofball who smooths over the rough moments.

  • Orius

    Orius took over the day to day business operations of the [[Millford Smithy | Millford Smithy]] after the death of his brother-in-law two years ago. He takes care of his nieces where he can, but it is not often needed. He relies on [[:epeley | Epeley]] …

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