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  • Sasel

    Sasel inherited [[The Watering Hole | The Watering Hole]] from her mother. Her husband died of sickness so she was never able to have children. She takes a special interest in all the children of the village, who help her out in exchange for sweet buns.

  • Zevin

    The late smith of [[Millford | Millford]]. Husband to [[:prudence | Prudence]]. Father to [[:epeley | Epeley]], [[:yona | Yona]], [[:osel | Osel]], and [[:lisel | Lisel]]. Died two years ago under mysterious circumstances. Was succeeded in the …

  • Prudence

    Homemaker for the Smith family. Died giving birth to their youngest daughter, [[:lisel | Lisel]]. Married to [[:zevin | Zevin]], the late smith of [[Millford | Millford]].

  • Yona

    Second oldest daughter of [[:prudence | Prudence]] and [[:zevin | Zevin]], 17 years old. The conciliator of the family, she is a lovable goofball who smooths over the rough moments.

  • Orius

    Orius took over the day to day business operations of the [[Millford Smithy | Millford Smithy]] after the death of his brother-in-law two years ago. He takes care of his nieces where he can, but it is not often needed. He relies on [[:epeley | Epeley]] …

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