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  • Millford

    This small village is barely a stopping point for caravans traveling the only [[The Road|road]] that leads through the [[Millford Village Square|village square]]. A well at the center, a smithy, tavern, worship hall, and the village green are the only …

  • The Watering Hole

    Located in the village of [[Millford]], this small tavern caters to the local farmers, herdsman and villagers, as well as the occasional caravan. It is run by [[:sasel | Sasel]], who keeps the place running with the help of the village children. It has …

  • The Road

    A single road runs the circumference of the island, connecting every town and village in a long circuit. Given its remote location, the island has usually never had any problems with the road, but lately there have been sightings of strange things just …

  • Millford Smithy

    Originally owed by the late [[:zevin | Zevin]], the smithy of [[Millford]] is now owned by his daughter [[:epeley | Epeley]], and run by his brother in law [[:orius | Orius]]. They mostly work in tools and metal repair, but Epeley also is a deft hand at …

  • Millford Village Square

    [[The Road]] runs through the village square of [[Millford]], where you can see the green with its well, [[The Watering Hole]] tavern, the [[Millford Smithy]], and the meeting house.

  • Southern Forest

    Located north of [[Millford]] and [[Abel's Bluff]], this forest is bisected by the [[Juris River]]. Local farmers and hunters use the woods as a place to gather herbs, berries, and mushrooms, hunt game, and procure wood.

  • Sorrow's Fall

    Located where the [[Juris River]] flows off the cliffs and into the sea, there sits a lone willow tree at the edge of the cliff. Many initials are carved into its trunk; a testament to the lovers who frequently visit this idyllic vista. Decades have …

  • Juris River

    The Juris River flows from the [[Amber Hills]] in the north, passing by [[Millford]], to spill out into the sea in the southwest cliffs of the island at [[Sorrow's Fall]].

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